Some notices for using UV ink in summer - advertisers should know!

UV ink is very easy to solidify in UV light, and the storage requirements are very strict. Summer temperature is very high, UV ink in the long-term high temperature environment, easy to produce precipitation, and then blocked the nozzle.

UV ink storage.

In addition to avoiding high temperatures, there are also places to avoid light, ventilation, no fire and no flammable goods.

UV ink before sealing.

It is necessary to shake the ink bottle several times to make the ink in the bottle more fully integrated.

UV after the ink was opened.

Use immediately after Kaifeng. Unfinished ink must be sealed immediately. On the one hand is to avoid ink and light contact, but also to prevent the air dust and other sundries into the ink.


1. Reduce the number of times to add ink, large ink should be used to the lowest calibration, and then add new ink, to avoid frequent addition of ink to lead to large ink bottom sediment.

2. If there is any problem in the use of ink, please empty the remaining ink in the pipe, and then inject the newly opened ink.

UV ink is not only very convenient to store, but also very particular when adding ink.

Because of the special composition of UV ink, UV ink solidifies when it is exposed to light, especially when the light is very strong. Because ultraviolet light contains ultraviolet rays, UV ink will react with ultraviolet light after UV irradiation. Therefore, when we add UV ink, we must take a measure to avoid it.

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