EPSON 3200 special environmentally friendly solvent ink

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EPSON 3200 special environmentally friendly solvent ink

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Product overview:

Eco-solvent ink is an environment-friendly solvent ink. It is high safety, low toxicity and low volatility.
Pigment type eco-solvent ink is highly durable and is usually used for outdoor advertisement printing.
Eco-solvent ink can be used in advertising industry for its high definition, delicacy, comparability with water-based ink, better than solvent ink, longer weathering time in outdoor than solvent ink, so it is widely used in advertising industry.
Sublistar's eco-solvent ink uses a high quality low odor solvent, does not contain toluene, xylene, cyclohexanone and other toxic solvents; imported raw materials, stable insolation; high color saturation, bright color; printing fluent, no plugging.

Product characteristics:
1) lower prices to benefit consumers.
2) printing speed: EPS 3200 sprinkler head has 3200 sprinklers. The speed performance can realize 3PASS high-speed printing, and the printing speed of single nozzle machine can reach 30-40 square / hour.
3) Printing accuracy: EPS3200 nozzle using TFP film piezoelectric technology, 2.5PL variable point, using technology to restore the primary color, accuracy mismatch. The minimum ink level is 2.5PL, and the output picture is more delicate and perfect.
4) Corrosion resistance: EPS3200 nozzle is a corrosion-resistant nozzle, suitable for ink: water-based ink, oil-based ink, solvent ink, UV ink, sublimation ink and so on.
The nozzle can be used for both water-based and oil-based inks, and the existing market inks can be used for indoor and outdoor printing.
5). Extremely low odor, in line with ROHS, REACH standard.
6) wide adaptability, full adaptability, wallpaper, advertisement, oil painting and leather inkjet.
7) Strong stability, comparable to the original, only bring you a good user experience, do not give customers trouble. (same as the original Roland EJ series ink). Compared with Taiwan J ink, its stability is as good as that of its color, brighter and its price is better.


Usage flow:
Direct printing

K, C, M, Y

Suitable for sprinkler and printer type:
Special EPSON3200 print head and printer.

1. printing materials are: light box cloth, leather, rubber, plastic and so on.
2. suitable for making: body stickers, wallpaper, leather printing, advertising and so on.
Suitable for printing all kinds of materials, such as craft gifts, advertising production, etc., outdoor weathering time is longer than 2 years.

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