Heat transfer printing core technology: sublimation transfer printing ink

     Sublimation transfer ink is made from heat sublimation disperse dyes, other chemical auxiliaries and water. Because the ink market is used to divide the ink into oily ink and water-based ink, so the product appeared in the early market when people called the product as heat transfer color printing ink, because this kind of ink belongs to water-based ink, now people are accustomed to called thermal sublimation printing ink or heat transfer printing ink. With the increasingly severe global environment, countries have more stringent requirements for packaging and printing, environmental protection packaging materials more favored by the market. The advantages of water-based ink, which is not harmful to human safety, are favored by more and more people. What advantages do water-based ink have in printing?

1 . Water-based ink to reduce printing costs
Water based ink can be printed only by adding pure water before printing. Green spring water-based ink in the factor process will not cause color changes due to viscosity problems, greatly improving the pass rate of printing, saving costs, reducing waste rate.
2.  Water based ink reduces purchase cost and inventory cost
Packaging and printing enterprises can purchase color paste from the manufacturer when purchasing water-based ink. They can adjust the remaining water-based ink to printing ink, or gravure printing to flexographic printing, printing paper and so on. The use of one ink has not only greatly reduced inventory, but also reduced inventory costs.
3 . Water-based ink green environmental protection has never been surpassed
Water-based ink can directly replace solvent-based ink by water, does not contain volatile VOC, will not affect human health during the printing process, and no pollution to the atmospheric environment. Water-based ink products themselves are not inflammable, will not cause fire due to static electricity and wire short circuit, eliminating the potential danger of inflammable and explosive workplace, improve safety, has been widely used.


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