How to purchase Korean INKTEC sublimation transfer ink ?

     How to purchase Korean INKTEC sublimation transfer ink ? At present, many merchants are selling poor ink as high quality imported ink, here we teach you a simple way to distinguish between poor ink and imported ink: after receiving the ink, print out 100% black color block, and then transfer it to see. Poor quality ink is either red or blue, and black ink is not so pure. Korean inktec thermal transfer ink has a large ink taste, and poor quality ink has only a little taste.

    The Korean INKTEC heat transfer ink provided by us is original ink, which can be purchased and used safely. The difference between ordinary heat transfer ink and imported Korean INKTEC heat sublimation ink is as follows:

1) Color: There is no imported sublimation ink with pure color, especially black ink, which is slightly bluish or reddish after transfer printing. The two bottles shake gently and observe the changes in the blue frame of the two bottles in a few seconds. The domestic ones are red, but the imported ones are not. After the transfer, the color made in China is not as bright as imported ink.

2) Fluidity: Common ink is relatively easy to plug, because ordinary ink particles are relatively large, by contrast, easier to plug the nozzle.

3) Resolution: Using the same type of printer, print the same pattern with ordinary ink and imported sublimation transfer ink respectively, transfer the two patterns to the cup and put them together for comparison, you will find that the pattern of ordinary ink transfer is not as clear as imported ink transfer, and the color transition is relatively less clear.

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