Sublimation ink is in our daily life.

    The heat sublimation ink is mainly used in the printing machine equipment in our daily life. Because of its unique performance characteristics, so by the merchant user's favor, how is its performance characteristics reflected? Here let me introduce to you some of the performance characteristics of thermal sublimation direct-jet ink, everyone to understand it.

    The use of dye sublimation ink transfer image color is generally very bright, and rich layers, its effect is good. The difference is that the heat transfer printing is to make the heat transfer printing ink sublimation, infiltration into the surface of the medium, after sublimation, the image can be formed. Therefore, the film will not form on the surface of the medium, and the image does not fall off, not crack, and light resistance is very strong, will not fade for a long time.

    Sublimation transfer ink is to print ink on special coated paper. By heating, the image can be made into exquisite porcelain, metal, silk, chemical fiber cloth and other materials in the shortest time. Photo quality, vivid color, clear image, and can be preserved forever. It is very suitable for personalized development of the market needs. Such as studios, souvenirs of scenic spots, handicrafts, clothing printing, printing and dyeing proofing, large-scale digital ink-jet printing system, color heat transfer strips, advertising banners and so on.


    The heat transfer ink has good fluency and high transfer rate, bright color, high color reducibility, saturated color gamut, non-bias color, 30% higher color concentration than other similar products, natural bright and lifelike color, excellent ink fluency, printing process without white edges, no bias, no ink breakage, no blocking nozzle. Low ink consumption and continuous printing of large format printer are the first choice for customers. Transfer printing on polyester, chemical fiber cloth, silk fabrics feel slippery and comfortable, no hard feeling; Transfer printing map adhesion, wear resistance and waterproof performance is good, environmental protection, personalized. Sublimation ink is the most recognizable ink.


    The sublimation printing has brought great convenience to all aspects of our life. Are you interested in sublimation printing?Do you need sublimation ink?Please feel free to contact us.

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