The principle of water-based sublimation ink

    Water-based heat sublimation ink belongs to water-based ink. Unlike other ink, water-based thermal sublimation ink has to pass through high temperature to transfer the color to the object before showing the original color. At first, the color printed on the transfer paper is not the final color, it needs a certain time of high temperature to show the original color.

    The principle of heat sublimation process: water-based sublimation ink in the high temperature state of the thermal sublimation phenomenon, at high temperature, the paper dye will be directly from the solid through high temperature into gas, so that the color from the heat sublimation paper to transfer the surface of the article. This process can often be seen in the production of advertising agencies and textile industry.

     Heat sublimation paper: Heat sublimation paper can be uniform, sufficient absorption of dye sublimation ink, and at high temperature can absorb water-based heat sublimation ink completely released from the paper, color transfer to the surface of the transfer object. Ordinary printing paper can also complete the transfer, but the transfer rate, that is, the transfer of color is slightly worse than the heat sublimation paper.

     Heat sublimation coatings: In order to make the sublimation ink to adapt to more surface (mainly non-cloth), can cooperate with the thermal sublimation coating to achieve satisfactory output effect.

    Sublimation transfer ink can be heated to produce images in the shortest time on exquisite porcelain, metal, silk, chemical fiber cloth and other materials, photo-grade quality, realistic color, clear image, and can be permanent preservation, very suitable for personalized development of the market needs. Such as studios, souvenirs of scenic spots, handicrafts, clothing printing, printing and dyeing plant proofing, large-scale digital ink-jet printing system, color map heat transfer banners, advertising banners and so on.

     The sublimation ink has been widely used in the printing industry and has been favored by customers. If you need it, please feel free to contact us.

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