Superior sublimation ink can print out a more perfect image.

     As the saying goes, a good horse needs a saddle. The same is true for thermal sublimation printers. The quality of the printer's output is due in part to the quality of the printer's ink. Good sublimation ink can not only make the print picture more gorgeous, but also more conducive to our maintenance of the printer, prolong the life of the ink-jet printer.

    So how do we choose the sublimation ink that is good for the printer? In fact, this is not difficult. As long as you know the following points, you will know more about the purchase of ink. Here are some analysis of sublimation ink, which may be useful for you to buy ink in the future.
1. The drying speed of printer ink is very important when printing images. If the drying speed is very slow when printing, it will greatly affect the printer's running speed. This not only affects the efficiency, but also affects the quality of printed images.
2. The viscosity of dye sublimation ink and ink viscosity are the important factors that affect the normal operation of the printer. For example, the viscosity of some ink is too high, sometimes the printer will suddenly interrupt the supply of ink in the process of printing. On the contrary, the ink viscosity of printer is too small, which will cause ink flow of printer nozzle. These two situations will affect the quality of printer printing.
3. The high salinity of printer ink and the high proportion of raw materials are the main culprits of blockage of nozzle holes, and also the important reason of affecting image sharpness. Excessive salinity in raw materials will lead to a large amount of alkali in the process of high temperature ink, alkali will mostly cause blockage of the nozzle.

    Therefore, the choice of heat sublimation ink will greatly improve the printer's efficiency and image quality. The high quality ink has bright color and bright pattern printed on paper. After heat transfer printing, the image is clear, the color reduction is high, it is not easy to fall off and fade. It is the first choice of users.
    If you need high quality sublimation transfer ink, please feel free to contact us, whether imported or domestic, we can provide.
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