How to avoid oscillating ink failure in inkjet printer

In the spray-painting printing output work, sometimes there will be trouble when the printer is written, which affects the original color of the image and has a great color difference. Miscellaneous color faults usually occur in inkjet printers. Simply speaking, when printing, the image will be miscellaneous color, different colors will be mixed together, affecting the image picture, color deviation and color mixing with other colors. It is a phenomenon that printers often appear.

It is easy to cause printer inkjet printing to appear as follows:

1. Printer ink failure

Air leakage caused by ink bag damage or ink pipe damage will lead to air supply system, resulting in negative pressure, resulting in ink reflux, resulting in mixed color, miscellaneous pornography, it is recommended to replace the ink bag.

2. Ink stack and scraper failure

If the printer nozzle scraper aging, ink stack suction function is not good, the use of ink stack cap too long will be easy to produce a variety of colors, this time it is necessary to clean the scraper, replace the nozzle scraper, ink stack.

3. Negative pressure effect of ink supply system

Digital printer inkjet printing is often caused by the negative pressure of the ink supply system, you can check the ink supply system related pipes, one-way valve switches, whether ink reflux and other effects.

All the above three users can check, troubleshooting digital printer printing ink strings, it is recommended that users can print test strips before using the printer to check whether the printer ink-jet printing is normal. The printer nozzle for automatic cleaning operation, cleaning two or three times, if there is still a miscellaneous color, it is recommended to print test about one meter, basically can avoid printing ink fault.


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