Sublimation Inkjet Printer Nozzle Can Not Spray Ink Points, What Happened?

In the process of printing pictures using a piezoelectric sublimation transfer printer, sometimes the sublimation ink dots are abnormally printed, such as large ink droplets, and small ink droplets cannot be ejected. Epson's five-generation nozzle has ink droplet control detection function. If the ink drop control is abnormal, an error message will appear, but there is no prompt when printing, and a small ink drop cannot be ejected. What should I do if I encounter such a problem?

There are several reasons for this problem, such as digital printing machine failure, printer driver problems, RIP software problems, digital printer motherboard failure. You can use the exclusion method to check and confirm the problem. After confirming the problem, let's share the solution:

1. The nozzle is faulty; there may be a blockage of the nozzle, which can be cleaned up using the cleaning function. If the problem is still there, please sell it and solve it later.

2, the printer driver problem; this is better to solve, after the driver is uninstalled, restart the computer, and then install the original driver from the new, if the uninstall is not clean, you can install the driver from the system.

3, RIP software problem; can be reloaded after uninstalling like the driver, remove the genuine software, replace the genuine software, generally many problems are caused by pirated software.

4, digital printing machine motherboard failure; this is more troublesome, need manufacturers to provide technical support.

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