What are the Tips for Adding Ink to Large Format Inkjet Printer?

In the process of using a large format inkjet printer, ink refilling is also one of the common operations. How much ink is left in the ink? What issues should I pay attention to when ink cartridges are refilled? Today, the Skyimage digital printing machine will share with you the things you need to pay attention to during the process of adding ink.

When you add ink, you should see if the ink cartridge is completely damaged. You can test it with water beforehand. If the ink is renewed, the original ink cartridge should be thoroughly cleaned, otherwise a chemical reaction will occur due to the mixing of two different inks, resulting in plugging.

Some users use the cleaning function on the machine for convenience. In fact, this is not good. It is best to wash it several times with water until you see clear water. When changing ink, it must be in moderation. Some users need to add ink to each other in order to save trouble. This will cause the ink cartridge to leak ink during use, and the leaked ink may wet the inside of the digital printing machine. The other parts are so damaged that the digital printing machine is damaged.

After loading the ink, it is best not to put the ink cartridge back into the cartridge holder, let it sit for a few minutes and then put it on, so that the ink will slowly penetrate into the corners of the sponge pad to ensure the ultimate print quality.

Also, it is to avoid exposing the ink cartridge to the air for a long time, which is easy to produce dry clogging. Finally, remind the users of inkjet printers, do not wait until the ink is used up, it is best to add ink to the ink cartridge when there is 10% left in the ink. If you can't see the remaining amount of ink, you have to observe the printing effect. I found that there is a broken line in the printed image and I should add digital printing ink.

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