What's the Temperature Requirements when Put Aside the Dye-sublimaton Ink of Inkjet Printer

In a flash into the winter, many businesses are preparing for the spring season next year, and the studio will turn on the air conditioning, because the digital printing machine work, send out heat, so the air conditioning will generally turn down a little, but the temperature becomes lower, the digital printing ink of the sublimation inkjet printer will have an impact. As a result, the printing effect is not good.

So what are the specific effects of low temperature on ink?

Under the influence of temperature, the thinness of ink will change, is a physical phenomenon, but the change is the form, the essence is not changed.

Ink thickening, viscosity also increases, but it is recommended not to use thinner or ink oil into the ink for blending, change its viscosity. Because when users use these deployment of ink additives, you do not know how much ink can accommodate all kinds of additives, easy to exceed the amount, will affect the performance of ink, affect the quality of printing.

The solution to ink thickening caused by temperature is as follows:

1. Put the original ink in a warm place and let it slowly heat up and return to its original state.

2. In case of emergency use, external heating can be carried out with boiled water.

Finally suggest that we keep the digital printing machine work place around 27 ° C.

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