Why Does Digital Printing Machine Can't Add Sublimation Ink in Random?

Most people think that the sublimation printer cartridge is just a container for dye sublimation ink. You can add ink to it at will, as long as it is guaranteed to be used. In fact, this view is wrong. When the digital printing machine works, it has the phenomenon of discoloration, broken line, broken ink, bifurcation, and unclear image, which are all related to the digital printing machine ink and ink cartridge.

Skyimage digital printing machine manufacturers recommend that users must recognize the misunderstanding of some inks to ensure the maximum life of digital printing machines.

The ink between the digital printing machine ink cartridge and the digital printing machine nozzle is conveyed through a rubber sealing passage, and the sealing between the digital printing machine ink cartridge and the nozzle is ensured to ensure that the ink does not penetrate. Long-term use will make the rubber sealing channel connecting the nozzle of the digital printing machine aging, which will make the sealing effect worse, let the ink leak out from the joint between the two, easy to accumulate the ink in the nozzle part, and replace the ink multiple times. It will make the mixing of the digital printing machine ink, causing color mixing.

In this case, the next time the print is made, the digital printing machine will print abnormal color mixing. Allows users to print patterns that change color, print quality is degraded, and ultimately cause unnecessary waste of digital printer ink and paper.

If the digital printing machine cartridge does not crack or even rupture, the digital printing machine is recommended to pay attention to the replacement of the ink cartridge. This is because, in the process of filling the ink, some dust and impurities will be introduced to some extent.

After reaching a certain amount, the digital printing machine nozzle will be blocked, and the ink will not flow smoothly. At this time, the digital printing machine will break. Lines, patterns are not clear and so on.

Therefore, the manufacturer of digital printing machines is recommended by digital printing machine manufacturers. If your digital printing machine cartridges meet the following conditions, you must replace them with new ones: more than ten times of water-based ink filling or more than ten times of digital printing machine cartridges. For one year, be sure to replace the new ink cartridges to avoid the abnormal operation of the digital printing machine.

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