How to Prevent the Sublimation Inkjet Printer Nozzle from Being Burnt Out?

Everyone knows that the value and function of sublimation inkjet printer nozzles are very high, and it is also an indispensable part in the operation of digital printing machines. Sometimes I don’t know what causes the nozzle to burn out, and the operator is very helpless. Especially in the process of disassembly and assembly, this phenomenon is most likely to occur.

How to prevent the digital printer nozzle from being burnt out?

First. The sublimation inkjet printer nozzle should be powered off during installation. If it is operated in the state of being energized, it is easy to rupture the nozzle. After installation, gently push the trolley to move left and right. The detection is smooth, and the controllability is strong. It is already installed and can be powered up.

Second, do not install ink when the digital printing machine is powered on, and then check if there is any bad contact, otherwise the digital printing machine nozzle will burn out due to short circuit.

Third, the surface of the digital printing machine nozzle should have protective measures, do not collide, so as not to cause damage and deformation, affecting the normal operation of the digital printing machine.

Fourth, you can add sublimation transfer ink, the amount of ink, the ink pump, the cleaning film one by one.

Most of the sublimation inkjet printer nozzles installed for the first time have air inside, so it is necessary to print a picture sample to discharge the air and then perform normal printing work.

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