Do you Know How to Choose ECO-solvent Ink?

ECO-solvent ink is an ink that can be used for printing on piezoelectric photo printers. It can also be used for inkjet printer printing. It can also be used for universal flatbed printer printing. How do you distinguish which machines can be used? Mainly depends on its nozzle, ECO-solvent ink is very corrosive, so the nozzle used must be oil-based nozzle.

ECO-solvent inks have their own characteristics, and they should be especially careful when they are selected and used. In some companies that use ECO-solvent inks, they don't understand the situation. They use cheap ink. After using for a period of time, they find that the nozzles are easy to block, or the ink cartridges are leaking and the elbows connected to the ink lines are blocked. Use cheap, ECO-solvent inks and use a corrosion-resistant ink cartridge when paired with the ink cartridge. When the printer takes a long time to stop, clean the machine equipment to prevent the ink remaining on it from clogging the printer's nozzle.

ECO-solvent inks can be printed on certain materials without coating, and can be applied without coating after the printer is heated. On some smooth material surfaces, ink alone cannot be used, so the ink is easy to accumulate and the resulting image is not clear.

The use of good ECO-solvent ink not only has a certain effect on the maintenance of the machine, but also prints out the products that satisfy the customers, guarantees the quality of the products, and increases the trust between the customers and the broader market.

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