How to Choose the Ink for your Digital Printing Machines - 4 Points Should Care for

As one of the main consumables of the digital printing machine, the ink directly determines the effect of printing. Whether it is oil-based ink, eco solvent ink, solvent ink, industrial nozzle ink or sublimationl transfer ink. Skyimage Digital Printing think that when we choose, we are only paying attention to the following points:

1. According to the printing demand to select the amount of ink color, you can choose four-color, six-color, eight-color ink, etc. The more the ink quantity, the better the saturation of the printed color.

2. Select ink according to the material of the fabric. Different fabrics use different inks. The correct use of ink has a good performance on the color fastness and color of the fabric. Digital printing inks can be divided into dye-based inks and pigment-based inks (paints), the characteristics of which are shown in the table:

3. According to the brand of the textile printing machine nozzle, the ink selected for the nozzle is more favorable for production.

4. Some companies encounter some ink problems in the actual production process, and simply cooperate with ink manufacturers to develop digital printing inks suitable for their own products. The main considerations are the suitability of ink and nozzle, the suitability of ink and fabric, and the color management system of ink.

Therefore, the Skyimage digital recommendation that everyone buy textile printing ink must pass through formal channels, such as offline sales agents or online official authorized stores. Printing machine ink is an indispensable consumable in printing work, so everyone should not choose it casually, be careful.

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