About the Epson 5113 Printhead, There are Are Something that You Don't Know

At first, the Epson 5113 nozzle was a new piezoelectric nozzle launched by Epson in 2015. The nozzle was first used in the Epson 5113 inkjet printer. However, due to its good performance, strong stability and strong adaptability to ink, the technicians separately removed the 5113 nozzle for sale. Modified on a digital printing machine.

Epson found that the separate sales of printheads were greater than the sales of printers. So there was a generation of encrypted nozzles. However, it was only encrypted for three months and was cracked by technicians. Therefore, Epson has only produced 10,000 sets of 5113 inkjet printers in one country, that is, only 10,000 encrypted nozzles. This also laid the foundation for the generation of secondary encryption nozzles. However, secondary encryption has also been cracked. There are only 50,000 5113 inkjet printers in the world. In the future, the 5113 nozzles may face production suspension.

The Epson 4720 nozzle, which replaces the 5113 nozzle, has been introduced. The nozzle is also known as the EPS3200 nozzle. The front of this nozzle is the same as the Epson 5113 nozzle. The nozzles are arranged in 4 to 8 columns, with 400 nozzles per column and 3 nozzles per nozzle.

The nozzle is a corrosion-resistant nozzle suitable for water, oil, solvent, uv, paint, thermal sublimation, etc. It is a multi-purpose nozzle. The original Epson 4720 nozzle has an improved back surface than the 5113 nozzle. It is convenient to use the external ink cartridge. The Epson 4720 nozzle interface and the 5113 nozzle are not used, and two needles are missing. The wide adaptability of ink, coupled with the low price, the emergence of the Epson 4720 nozzle will inevitably lead to a storm in the photo machine market.

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