What are the Factors that Affect the Fluency of Dye Sublimation Inks?

Whether the ink supply system of digital printing equipment can work normally and stably on the machine directly determines the quality of the product. If the continuity is not good, it will cause insufficient sublimation ink supply, which will cause the ink to break during the printing process, which will greatly affect the printing. the quality of. So what are the factors that affect the fluency of dye sublimation inks?

1. The particle size of the digital printing ink

The size of the printed ink has a great influence on the stability of the ink system. Since the average diameter of the nozzle is only about 50um, it is easy to block the nozzle when the particle size is too large; the average particle size of the ink should be negligible compared with the nozzle and the nozzle hole, so as to ensure good flow properties. Therefore, when arranging the ink, it is filtered by 1 um and 0.5 um (the pore size of the filter is specifically adjusted according to the type of ink) to control the particle size.

2. The moisture retention of the ink

The moisture retention and stability of water make it difficult for the viscosity, surface tension, etc. to change with temperature, which promotes the formation of a thin and brittle film at the nozzle, which is easy to dissolve and not clog when inkjet printing is performed again. The ink is mainly based on an aqueous system, and the solvent used is mostly a water-soluble organic mixture. The commonly used water-soluble solvents are alcohols, polyols, etc., and these organic mixtures can improve the stability of the ink.

3. The wettability of the ink

The wettability of the ink is related to the surface tension. The surface tension and dynamic surface tension of the ink can affect the wetting of the tubing and the nozzle by the ink, as well as the final wetting and spreading on the printing medium. If the surface tension is too high, it may cause insufficient wetting to cause insufficient ink supply; if the surface tension is too low, that is, if the moisture is too strong, the ink droplets may accumulate in the nozzle, resulting in ink breakage. A suitable surface tension is a critical factor, and the surface tension is generally controlled to be about 30-50 mN/m.

4. Digital printing equipment and printing environment

The ink supply system has poor sealing performance. During the printing and placing process, some moisture and low-boiling solvent volatilize, which leads to changes in the physical properties such as viscosity and surface tension of the ink, which ultimately affects the ink on the digital device. Print stability. Therefore, it is necessary to maintain digital printing equipment on a regular basis.

If the ambient temperature is too high or too low, too high or too low humidity will cause a change in the physical and chemical parameters of the ink, and a suitable temperature and humidity are required.

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