Does the Epson 5113 Nozzle Inkjet Printer Consume a lot of Sublimation Ink?

We often hear some customers sigh, how can the dye sublimaton ink run out so quickly? To solve the problem, we need to go back step by step from the factors that affect the ink consumption of the digital printing machine.

It is difficult for the ink consumption of a inkjet printer to print an image to have a fixed value. For example, if a piezoelectric digital printer prints a square meter pattern at 80% color coverage, the general ink consumption will be about 12 ml. In the case of a general printed picture, the ink consumed is about 10 ml. Of course, this value is also for user's reference only.

1. From the printing accuracy to analyze

Everyone knows that the higher the printing accuracy of the digital printing machine, the better the mapping effect, but it means that the amount of ink consumed is larger, so we should pay attention to adjusting the printing mode when using the photo machine. In general, printing 4PASS or 6PASS can be used, of course, depending on your actual situation. Take the Epson 5113 nozzle printer to play 4pass 50 square meters per hour, which is relatively small in terms of dye sublimation ink consumption.

2. The amount of inkjet depends on the color coverage

The color coverage of different colors is different, and the amount of ink consumed by the photo machine is also different. For example, the same width is printed, if the coverage of the color is 100% and the coverage of the color is 10%. It is inevitable that the former will consume a lot of ink, which is only one of the reasons. Another reason is that it depends on the print quality or pixel you want to achieve. The same picture, if you set the higher the precision, the more dye sublimation ink will be consumed.

On the contrary, the lower the accuracy of the setting, the sublimaton ink consumption. The lower it will be. This is a real problem in every brand machine, and we should not be too entangled, just buy a machine. 

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