What Cause the Sublimation Printer Nozzle Appear Instability?

Sublimation inkjet printer nozzles have always been an accessory that customers care most about. In particular, some users may suddenly break the sublimation ink and easily damage the nozzle when printing with a digital printing machine, which is caused by the instability of the digital printing machine nozzle.

In fact, this phenomenon is not only the problem of the nozzle and the machine, but also because of improper operation! Today, Skyimage Digital will briefly introduce you to several factors that cause the instability of the digital printing machine nozzle:

1. Digital printer printhead blockage is the most common cause. It is possible that the ink around the nozzle is not cleaned frequently and remains in the air, and is clogged by volatilization into a solid, so the printhead must be cleaned regularly.

2. The printhead is broken, this situation can only be a better new nozzle. The most popular is the Epson 4720 nozzle.

3. The amount of dye sublimation ink in the nozzle is not standardized, the standard is to pre-add 20-25ML of ink, more and less may be the phenomenon of no ink. So be sure to follow the specifications.

4. The digital printing ink system failure, when the ink tube leaks or there is too much air, it will cause the nozzle to not ink, we need to regularly check the nozzle and ink pipeline, discharge the leaking part and then use the ink pump to pump the nozzle.

5. The impact of static electricity, high static electricity will also affect the sublimation printer nozzle ink, a good ground wire is necessary for piezoelectric digital printing machine.

6. The touch belt is used to control the dye sublimation ink discharge from the nozzle. Because the copper contact is used to contact the nozzle, the ink is controlled by the nozzle, and when the contact belt is dirty or broken, no sublimation transfer ink will appear. Phenomenon, so the contacts must be kept clean or the nozzles are easily ejected or even burned off the nozzle or contact strip. If the contact is dirty, you can use a cotton cloth to clean the water. If it is burnt, it will only be replaced.

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