Different Fabric Banner Printing with Dye Sublimation Paper

                                        Different Fabric Banner Printing with Dye Sublimation Paper
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     Heat transfer paper is the creative innovation in the printing industry that allows printing to be done

on various surfaces. These papers are the best option if you need to get vibrant prints and wonderful

designs on T-shirts, bags, ceramic mugs, tiles etc. If you want the fabric printing then make sure that

you are choosing right type of fabric such as nylon and polyester instead of cotton. This type of printing

process is the cheapest way to get high class prints and cost effective which let you done your whole

printing at very less price.  

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     Cloth fabric banners are a commonly dye sublimation printed material that is popular in trade

shows and retail environments. Dye sublimation printing involves the use of a different type of printing

than standard digital printing of PVC banners. Rather than using the standard direct-to-substrate

printing that is standard to digital printing, the dye is printed to a transfer paper as a mirror image.

     Once printed, the paper is matched up to the right sized fabric, typically a polymer-based fabric like

polyester – a versatile fabric that can take many forms from a silky satin to heavy duty knits to sheer

materials, and even some double-sided banner materials. The fabric is run through heated rollers at

high pressure, converting the dye into a gas which is then forced into the open pores of the fabric,

creating a gorgeous continuous photographic-type print that will last a long time because the dye has

become part of the fabric itself in this print process.

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