Introductions of Dye Dye Sublimation Transfer Paper and Manufacturer of Sublimation Paper

      Introductions of Dye Dye Sublimation Transfer Paper and Manufacturer of Sublimation Paper

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    Most of the photo printers, including dye sublimation printers are built around a thermal dye engine

that is different from the inkjet printers. This type of printers is used in graphic arts and photographic

applications. But the unique about these printers is only dye sublimation paper has been used in dye

sublimation printers or for digital printing.

    The best effect would be result on only polyester fabric which can be used or clothing or advertising

media such as teardrop banners, backdrops, large banners, hanging banners, flag banners, roll up or

pop up banners, retractable banners etc.
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     Dye sublimation paper is a special kind of paper and has been printed in a different format in

which dyes has been used instead ink like inkjet printers or laser jet printers has been used. Inkjet

printers are usually use CMYK colour spectrum whereas in dye sublimation printing CMYO colour

spectrum has been used where the O represents a clear overprint which becomes black when

exposed to the heat and pressure.
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    This type of printing would know as heat transfer dye sublimation, in which the image is printed to

the transfer paper using the CMYO ink set. Once the paper is removed from the printer then it matches

up to a polyester fabric and pressurizes via pressure rolling machine with heated rollers and slowly

rolled between the rollers until it comes out the back side with a perfect image sublimated to the


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