Does Direct Digital Printing Textile Color Fade?

direct textile printing

Appropriate treatment liquid, high-quality ink, precise fixing temperature, and fixing time of sub-seconds. Under these four conditions, the pattern printed by the direct-injection digital printing machine is very good. For color fastness, basically the color fastness of white cloth is above grade 4, and the color fastness of dark fabric is above grade 3.The direct-injection digital printing machine is very environmentally friendly, and the process is also the simplest. Therefore, the chemical fiber fabrics are now turning to the direct-injection process. The direct textile digital printing machine starts late with respect to thermal transfer, so the transfer printing is carried out. In the process of turning to direct-injection printing, how can the color fastness of the direct-injection digital printing machine be produced? Does Color fade? Such a question.

1, The Pre-treatment liquid

There are more manufacturers of treatment liquids. Although the composition of different manufacturers' treatment liquids is similar, the difference may be as much as one hundred and ten percent. The difference in effect is also huge. The treatment liquid is selected, but the color fastness is only The first point of assurance.

direct textile printing

2. High quality ink

The direct-injection digital printing ink on the market is not in the same level, and it is not the price of expensive quality. The quality of the ink plays a crucial role in the printing effect and fluency, and also directly affects the color fastness of the printing.

3, Fixing temperature

The same fabric, different inks, different processes, the temperature of the fixing is not the same, too low useless, too high and easy to damage the fabric, the ideal fixing temperature, but can ensure better color fastness, and not affect the texture of fabric.

4, Fixing time

The time of fixing depends on the temperature and equipment of the fixing color. The lower the temperature, the longer the fixing time, and the shorter the reverse, the different fixing time of the different equipments, even under the same temperature conditions, such as The time for fixing the oven must be longer than that of the press and the tunnel furnace, because it takes a temperature rise from normal temperature to high temperature, which takes time.

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