The Benefits of Choosing UV Ink

The Benefits of Choosing UV Ink

What is UV ink, when do we need UV ink? When we transfer some hard materials with sublimation, UV ink plays a huge role.

1.What is UV ink?

UV ink is used in many security printing applications. This specialty ink may be used with passports, tamper-evident labels, postage stamps and other items where authentication and identification is necessary. Utilizing UV ink, companies can more easily detect forgery, tampering or counterfeiting.

2.What types of paper / substrates can you use with UV Inks?

We are able to print UV inks on our offset presses, and we can print on various thicknesses of paper and synthetic substrates, such as PVC, Polystyrene, Vinyl, and Foil.

3.Why print with UV Inks rather than conventional inks?

UV Printing was almost unheard of until recently. Many printers are now offering UV printing due to its many advantages over traditional printing.The printing process is almost exactly the same for both conventional and UV printing; the difference comes in the inks and the drying process associated with those inks.UV inks dry through a photomechanical process. The inks are exposed to ultra-violet lights as they are printed, immediately turning from a liquid to a solid with very little evaporation of solvents and almost no absorption of the ink into the paper stock. So you can print on virtually whatever you want when using UV inks!Since they dry immediately and release no VOC's into the environment, UV printing is considered a green technology, safe for the environment and leaving an almost zero carbon footprint.Of course, because UV inks dry on contact, they never smudge. And that means, no matter what type of paper you use, you will never need to add costly coatings to protect against smears and rub-offs. 

4.The advantages of UV inks

  • The total volume of ink is used, and this can greatly reduce the overall cost of printing.

  • Environmental friendliness is another perk of UV inks.

  • Their opacity is good: The print job remains clean and clear on the page, and easy to read.

  • Good light fastness is another advantage. UV inks can catch and reflect light, which also helps boost readability.

  • They are smearing resistant: Resistance to smearing is another advantage of UV ink, as regular ink might smear and look unsightly and unprofessional.

  • They have sharp contrast: Contrast is another tremendous aid to readability.

  • A pleasant gloss: A pleasant high gloss is both aesthetically beneficial and easy to maintain with this ink.

  • It maintains consistency of print: The print job of the whole run will look the same without fading.

  • It saves a great deal of time, money, and environmental waste by reducing need for constant cleaning.

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