Dye Sublimation Transfer Ink-You Need to Know More

Dye Sublimation Transfer Ink-You Need to Know More

Compared with the traditional ink, Sublimation Ink has a fast drying speed, good environmental protection, good overprinting effect and high brightness and so on.and now let's going on to get more information about sublimation ink.

Some advantages of dye sublimation ink

1.What is sublimation ink?

Water Based Dye Ink is unique in its ability to convert from a solid to a gas without going through a liquid form. (Just like dry ice.) The conversion is initiated by heat and controlled with pressure and time. Hard items such as ceramic, fiber board, metals, etc. requires a special coating to accept the sublimation inks.

2.How does sublimation ink work?

 An image is then printed on a treated paper. From there the paper with the image is placed on the material you wish to print and put in a heat press. The material must be polyester or a polyester treated substrate. When the solid color dyes on the printed image are heated they become a gas and transfer to the polyester. At the same time the polyester expands making it easier for the gas to be absorbed.When they are cooled the dyes return to their solid state, but are now an indelible part of the printed material.

The working process and equipment of sublimation ink
3.What kinds of print head can be used?

Sublimation ink is non-toxic, more environmentally friendly, bright colors, wide gamut and has good transfer rate. Suitable for the plotters equipped with epson DX4, DX5 TFP, 5113, 4720 and DX7 printhead.

4.Sublimation Ink advantages
(1) Inkjet Sublimation Ink curing speed; in the UV light irradiation, only a fraction of a second to a few seconds to cure, improve the production efficiency; due to curing instant dry, small dot expansion, ink penetration to the paper In the less, strength, clarity and stability are significantly better than ordinary ink; at the same time Sublimation Ink printing does not require powder, so that the printing operation environment can be improved.
(2) sublimed ink due to solvent-free, after curing the thickness of the ink layer and the same thickness of the printing ink, the weight per unit of Sublimation Ink compared with traditional inks, printing color reproduction ability stronger.
(3) As the sublimation of the chemical in the ink through the cross-linking reaction to form a polymer three-dimensional network of polymer, the ink surface has a strong chemical resistance and abrasion resistance in a variety of printing materials (including gold and silver cardboard, Film, synthetic paper, metal, plastic and other non-absorbent materials) on the fixed, strong adhesion.
(4) Sublimation Ink only in the ultraviolet radiation will occur under the cross-linking curing reaction, the printing machine will not dry, so when the ink will not solidification, you can immediately "run and stop", can reduce the printing preparation time ,Increase efficiency.
(5) Sublimation Ink, the monomer used for dilution can also be used as a curing component to participate in the curing reaction; therefore, Sublimation Ink can achieve almost 100% solid content, in the drying process without solvent evaporation, reduce the environment Of pollution.

(6) Sublimation Ink curing drying is used in UV light source, which is almost no heat effect of the cold light source, for those who are sensitive to heat-sensitive substrates will not be affected, applicable to heat-sensitive substrate printing, Not because of material deformation and other issues caused by ink film off, wrinkling and so on.

HD picture of sublimated

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