The Difference between Fast Dry Sublimation Paper and Tacky Sublimation Paper

The Difference between Fast Dry Sublimation Paper and Tacky Sublimation Paper

Talking about sublimation paper,we all know there has two types sublimation paper Non-tacky sublimation paper and Tacky sublimation paper,but do you know what is difference between of them?Please read the following, I will share you more.

1.What is tacky sublimation paper?

Tacky sublimation paper is said to be the best paper there is for adhering to fabric without leaving ghosting and ruining the details of the design. You can expect to eliminate not only your ghosting issues with this paper but your cloudy patterns and blurred images as well. With Tacky sublimation paper, your production errors will be about nil, since it has a 95 percent transfer rate.

2.How to sublimate cycle jerseys?

The fabric is cut into the various panels (you can see the cutting pattern in the design above) before the printed transfer papers are then placed on top of it and when pressure and heat are then applied using a heat press - typically 180-200°C for 35-60 seconds.
The physical process of sublimation is when the sublimation ink is sublimated into a gas state that then binds with the fibres of the fabric creating a virtually inseparable bond. That inseparability is relative to heat, so if you took the finished print and subjected it to a temperature source - water or gas - equivalent to the original sub process the ink could sublimate again destroying the design. In short don't iron your cycle jerseys!
The sublimation print process is complete when the paper is removed. Sublimation permanently fixes the logos/colours/graphics to the polyester fabric and the print cannot be scratched or washed out. It becomes part of the fabric.

3.What’s the difference of Non-tacky Sublimation Paper and Tacky Sublimation Paper?

1). The price of tacky sublimation paper is higher than non-Sticky Sublimation Paper.
2) The tacky sublimation paper dries slower than high-speed paper. Our non-tacky sublimation paper dries completely in 2 minutes, but the tacky sublimation paper dries in 3-4 minutes.
3) The transfer yield is different, our non-tacky sublimation paper could deliver the 96.% ink to the substrate, the tacky sublimation paper is 95.7% .
4) when you use flat-bed heat press, it may easy cause ghosting with non-tacky sublimation paper, but tacky sublimation paper will not. But when you use the calendar, rotary heat press machine (roll to roll), paper and fabric are firmly stick to each other from the beginning to the end, there’s no chance that they will separate in the process. So there’s no chance that the ghosting will come. In that case, normal sublimation paper could do the job very well, tacky sublimation paper is unnecessary even though the textile has elastic.

 5) Tacky sublimation paper is only used in : First, you are doing with flat-bad heat press, second ,the textile is stretch material, or it is easy to move.

4.What are the benefits of tacky sublimation paper?
Thanks to specially formulated coating, tacky transfer papers are not deformed even if you use heat press shortly after the printing process. High-quality tacky transfer papers will firmly stick to the fabric during the heat press process and prevent the paper from shifting. Thus, the optimized transfer of an image to a substrate can be achieved, yielding best results without any ghosting problem. If the transfer paper shifts during pressing, the fabric will absorb less ink and the ink will overflow, which will result in ghosting. Such papers are mostly used on stretch fabrics such as sportswear.

When tacky transfer papers are used, however, sublimation printing will be applied to the adhesive side of the paper. Therefore, when you want to transfer an image onto fabric, you need to stick the paper to the substrate or place it properly before pressing. There are two main types of tacky paper: you can feel the adhesive surface on one type and you don’t on the other since the latter type has a heat-activated adhesive coating. To choose the right tacky transfer paper, you should consider your product offerings and your printer’s settings.

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