Note!Avoid These Mistakes about T-shirt Transfer Paper

Note!Avoid These Mistakes about T-shirt Transfer Paper

1.What is T-shirt Transfer Paper?

t-shirt transfer paper is a kind of heat transfer paper in A3 and A4 size. It is used for t-shirt transfer print .By using this paper, we can transfer the images we want to the t-shirt easily. It’s divided into 2 types: dark t-shirt transfer paper and light t-shirt transfer paper.

dark and light t-shirt paper with dark and white t-shirt

2.The Different Types of T-shirt Transfer Paper:

There are two main variations of T-shirt Transfer papers, namely the light and dark t-shirt transfer papers. It’s crucial that you pick the correct paper, depending on the color of the substrate you wish to print on.
As a general rule, images printed on the light transfer paper tend to provide a vibrant and more accurate image when used on white and other light colored fabrics. The ink is translucent and not visible unless you lay it on white or extremely light colored backgrounds.

Dark fabrics, on the other hand, require the dark transfer paper. In such a paper, a white background is transferred with the ink and actually blocks out the color of your fabric from coming through the ink.
Subsequently, the images tend to act as block pictures or images the white area can cut away since they will appear on your shirt when the transfer process is complete.

the light t-shirt transfer paper and white t-shirt

3.As long as you avoid these Top 10 common mistakes when using transfer paper, you shouldn’t go far wrong:
(1). Don’t print on the wrong side of the paper. This is a common mistake which is easily avoided. Simply take time to set the paper up correctly in your printer tray to print on the correct side.

(2). Don’t forget to print on mirror mode. This is only relevant when printing on light colours. When printing for a light background, you must remember to switch your printer to mirror mode otherwise your image will appear the wrong way round.

(3). Don’t forget to cut around the image carefully. If you don’t cut round your image carefully enough, you’ll end up with too much fabric transfer paper left which will reduce the impact of your design.

(4). Don’t iron on a surface which isn’t flat. You must iron your fabric transfer paper on a completely flat surface, otherwise the image will not be sufficiently attached to the fabric.

(5). Don’t be frightened to get the iron really hot. It is essential that your iron is set at and has reached its maximum temperature before you iron the transfer.  Also it’s important that if you use a steam iron, the steam is switched off.

(6). Don’t keep the iron still. The problem with irons nowadays is that most irons have indentations on the bottom for steam to pass. If you don’t keep the iron moving while you’re fixing your transfer, there’ll be parts of your image which aren’t stuck down.

(7). Don’t forget to apply enough iron pressure. The whole transfer process relies on pressure to make it work effectively. While moving the iron, you must consciously apply as much pressure as you can in order to get the best effect. 

(8). Don’t leave any part of the image un-ironed. Leaving small parts of the image un-ironed is a common mistake particularly on irregular or large images. You must make sure that every corner of the image has been ironed.  

(9). Don’t forget to fix the image after you’ve removed the backing paper. There are two ways of doing this, both of which are described in the instructions. You must make sure you choose one or the other. 

(10). Don’t wash your garment before the printing has fully set. The guideline for fabric transfer paper is not to wash it before it has been allowed to set for 24 hours. Again a common mistake is washing the garment too soon after printing.

and of course… pick the right paper type for the job. If you are going to transfer onto a light fabric (not necessarily white, but not dark) then choose light paper otherwise, the second type of t shirt transfer paper is the dark paper for black, navy blue and other dark fabrics.

logo on the black t-shirt

4.The Advantages of OurT-shirt Transfer Paper :

(1) Professional quality iron-on t-shirt/cotton fabric transfer paper;

(2)Compatible with all types of inkjet printers;

(3)High transfer rate and fast drying;

(4)Very soft stretchable.

(5)Durable washing

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