1.8m Inkjet Sublimation Printer with Double 5113 Print Head

   This machine use independent research and development of intelligent inkjet technology,Through intelligent control , it can make a variety of ink droplets of different sizes.

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Model TX1802-BE 
Printing Technology  Piezoelectric Inkjet 
 Print Head  Dual 5113 Print Heads
Acceptable Media Width   71.6in.(1820mm)
 Acceptable Media Thickness  Maximum 39mil(1mm)
Acceptable Media Weight   132.2lb.(60kg) 
 Printing Width 70.8in.(1800mm) 
Ink Cartridges Types  Dye Sublimation Ink 
 Ink Cartridges Capacity 4*4 CISS(220ml Ink Cartridge With 1.5L Ink Tank),6*6 CISS(6color),8*8CISS(8color) Optional 
 Ink Cartridges Colors 4colors(C,M,Y,BK),6colors,8colors 
 Printing Resolution Maximum 1800dpi 
Printing Speed 1   3pass(360x1800dpi):592sqft(55sqm/h)
 Printing Speed 2 4pass(720x1200dpi):473sqft(44sqm/h) 
 Printing Speed 3 6pass(720x1200dpi):376sqft(35sqm/h) 
Media Heating System  Intergrated Post Heater & Infrared Dryer & Fan System 
Interface  USB 3.0 
 Power Supply AC 220v+-10%, 50/60HZ 
Dimensions(With Stand)   125.3(W)X38.1(D)X54.5(H)in.
Weight(With Stand)   882lb.(400kg)
Package Dimensions  Entirety Packing: 132.8(W)X45.2(D)X62.3(H)in.                            3880(W)X1150(D)X1610(H)mm 
  Split Packing:132.1(W)X40.1(D)X40.1(H)in.                      3360(W)X1020(D)X1020(H)mm 
Package Weight  Entirety Packing:1102.5lb(500kg) 
  Split Packing:1058.4lb.(480kg) 
Environment  Power On: Temperature:59℉ to 90℉(15℃ To 32℃)Humidity:35 to 80% 
  Power Off: Temperature:41℉ To 104℉(5℃ To 40℃)Humidity:20 To 80% 




Independent Research of Intelligent Inkjet Technology

   This machine use independent research and development of intelligent inkjet technology,
   Through intelligent control , it can make a variety of ink droplets of different sizes.It not only can show you the extreme resolution 1200dpi ,but also can accomplish the higher quality compared with the same type machines when it print in low resolution .

CISS Guarantee Printing Continuously
   Stable continue ink supply system  uses special algorithm to ensure the stability of ink supply when printing ,it solves the  problem of short of ink because of ink supply.  

Take-up Device Provide Perfect Experience 
   ER18 uses material fixed device to complete the process of sublimation paper. It can finish the material axle adjustment , the use of tension stick ensures the material enter into take-up device completely.

All-steel manufacturing ,every detail reflects our sincerity.
   Cooperate with international brand like THK、IGUS, which lays a foundation for stability and durability.
Oric inkjet printer

Oric inkjet printer
Our Services: 
1. We offer OEM/ODM Service.   
2. We are integrated industrial and trade enterprises, We can offer the best ?international trading service.   
3. We have been producing since 2009, Quality is the reason why we can stand on the top of industry, we can ?always give you the best quality control.   
4. Fast delivery, We have plenteous production lines and scientific production management system to ensure the delivery time.   
5. We have professional team working for overseas trading, which can save more of your valuable time.

Company Information:  

sublimation printing manufacture

   We are the Sublimation Transfer Paper manufacturer in China.Getwin Industrial Co., Ltd.  began operations in the spring of 2007 as a Transfer paper manufacturer for 8 years.Now we have four coating lines.    

   We manufacture and sell Transfer paper products.The products are at competitive price with high quality .Mainly deal 58g/75g/100g/120g Sublimation Transfer Paper, Dark T-Shirt Transfer Paper, Light T-Shirt Transfer paper, Sublimation Ink, Photo paper, Eco solvent paper, Heat press machine,Our products mainly export to Asia, Europe, North America, South America, Australia, and  Africa.

    We have automatic cutting factory Nanjing City,We are glad to provide different size transfer paper for overseas clients.Our products reach the same quality standard of Korea(Hansol), Holland(Jetcol).But our price is much lower than them.So we are your best choice.

    We professionally provide our clients print media transfer paper for wood, cloth, leather, glass, cup, bag, ......In legal size 17", 24", 36", 44", 50", 63", 64",71", 73" 80" 84" width, 80m, 100m, 120m length and Jumbo rolsize.The features of our products are high quality, instant dry, all-purpose, high definition and suitable for 1200x1440 DPI.

    We have complete confidence to offer you high quality, to satisfy well with your requirements

   Please feel free to contact us for further information. 


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